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About BPL - Beginners Programming Language

BPL - Beginners Programming Language is  a great new way of creating software! Whether your completely new to programming or an experienced programmer looking for a quicker way to create software. BPL has recently been completely rewritten from the ground up utilizing the latest technology to provide you with the best stability, performance and up to date features allowing it to compete with many of the top BASIC languages.

Are you a beginner?

Well you could not be in a better place to learn how to program! BPL was specifically designed with the Beginner in mind. Over the years many programming languages have kept adding more and more features or commands and the language has become bloated, unorganized and unnecessarily complex. BPL has stripped away those complexities to try and keep everything simple and uniform making it perfect for anyone trying to learn how to program for the first time.

Experienced Programmer?

Many languages require you to write multiple lines of code to do one thing. BPL simplifies and speeds up the coding process by removing these extra lines of code. This enables you to create programs in half the time. Looking for a quick and powerful tool to create software quickly, look no further!

How much is BPL?

For a limited time only, BPL is free of charge! BPL is currently in Beta stages, which means that it is incomplete. While it is almost fully functional, there are a few small things that need to be completed before we can release it as a commercial product. So grab this opportunity to download BPL for free while you still can! You help us beta test you will get the full version for free!